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CBC National Bank Case Study

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Taming the Paper Monster.


A good description for the mortgage industry. The file for a single mortgage can average 300 pages and can easily be 2 inches thick. That’s one mortgage. Because most of the documents are of mixed size, including legal paper, they have to be placed lengthwise in a file box. One box can only hold 6 or 7 at best.

The Atlanta hub of CBC National Bank’s mortgage division processes hundreds of mortgages a month.

So, you can understand the temptation. A rapidly growing pile of file boxes needing a home. A desire to keep costs low. An empty office…Read more…

What Docufree does for CBC National Bank.

“We are the world of paper.” Docufree scans nearly 100 boxes a month for CBC National Bank. “I can send boxes to Docufree as it fits our needs. That helps me manage our cash flow and it lets me minimize the risk of having all our documents out of the office at the same time.” Read more…

The benefits are many:

Reduced costs. Valuable office space is now used for more valuable purposes.

Reduced expenses. Mortgage files can now be accessed readily and without wasting time tracking down a file.

Improved customer service. CBC can maintain its high standard of service without having to add more staff to wade through offices of files.

Reduced Liability. Mortgage details are readily available and there are no more concerns about trying to find misplaced files.

Confidence. The security of these documents is vital to CBC National Bank’s reputation and ability to function.

Docufree Online.
With the previous office-as-storage approach, retrieving a paper file could take one minute or it could take 15 minutes. Docufree provides a searchable PDF as well as the ability to search the scanned files online. Read more…

Secure Storage.
“We already maintain our information on multiple servers to keep it safe so we can appreciate the fact that Docufree does the same thing. Even if we lost all our information in a disaster, we could still turn to Docufree to get it back.” Read more…

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With several locations in FLorida, Georgia, and South Carolina, CBC National Bank offers a whole new of banking, with a full array of personal and business banking services. With the friendly “feel” of a small-town bank, CBC National Bank provides the best innovations in banking, including internet banking, credit cards, debit cards, and more.

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