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PGA Superstore Case Study

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Scanning. Plus So Much More.

Cutting costs and saving money are goals of many companies and organizations. Problem is—cutting costs often has negative side effects. Less efficient environments may lead to reduced productivity and, in the world of retail, problems with tracking inventory. All these can offset the benefits of reduced expenses.

But cost cutting is a business perennial. So PGA TOUR Superstore’s Alison Hamilton found a way to actually improve her department’s document workflow process while reducing expenses. With the increased productivity, she was then able to reduce costs further by requiring fewer staff. And yet have a more effective department and able to add new stores without adding support staff.

The CFO was looking to reduce costs. Our CIO wanted a turn-key installation for any new system. I needed our environment as paper-free as possible and our department more effective. The only point of integration to our core systems was a simple file to validate accurate data on the invoices.”

Alison also notes that while the accounting department had gone paperless with a previous scanning company, “Docufree doesn’t just scan invoices. They receive them. Index them. And then Docufree maintains the files electronically. So, we can now search for a particular invoice online.”

The benefits are many:

Reduced costs. Less expensive and higher quality than previous document scanning service.

Reduced expenses. Three people do what would have taken six employees using the previous approach. An all paper environment would require even more.

Improved cash flow. Better management of payment terms provides improved cash flow.

Smoother, cleaner audits.

Easier access to invoice details.

Extra hands when it counts. Outsourced work with skilled specialists.

Clean desks! Paperless accounting environment.

“Our new CFO recently asked me for a particular set of invoices. I was able to produce them for him in a matter of 10 minutes. Could I have done that before? Certainly not in a paper environment. And possibly not in the former electronic environment if one of the invoices was misfiled. Docufree’s document indexing allows us to search using whatever information we have: an invoice number, a vendor name, or even a specific dollar amount.”

Alison already understood the benefits of document scanning and maintaining her accounting documents electronically. But she was looking for a way to capitalize on her scanned documents. She wanted cost savings and a more efficient document workflow process for her department also.

Docufree scans nearly 20,000 pages for PGA TOUR Superstore each month and processes over 8,000 invoices. Read more…

Increased Workflow Management
Merchandising invoices are retrieved by Docufree as they arrive – whether by email or snail mail. Document data is indexed according to client specifications, so processes are streamlined. Read more…

Online Document Storage
PGA TOUR Superstore turns to Docufree for invoice scanning but also for maintaining that data in their online document management system, Docufree On-Demand. Read more…

“My team can easily respond to an auditor’s request for information and our processes are clear and compliant.”Read more…

Learn more about the services Docufree provides for PGA Superstore. Download the complete Case Study below.

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Download the Complete PGA Superstore Case Study

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