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DocufreeAP: Nationwide Document Scanning, Document Cloud and Digital Mailroom Solutions

Powerfully Simple Accounts Payable

Never open mail, enter data, or chase down an invoice again.

DocufreeAP is a turnkey cloud-based invoice capture and workflow management solution that provides Accounts Payable with everything they need to automate the way invoices are received, processed, and managed.


Make life easier in AP today.


Zero risks.
No hardware, software, complex integrations, or IT maintenance costs. We take care of everything—the ongoing support, product enhancements, data security, and training.

Easily scales as you grow.
Our platform can be rapidly deployed and easily expands to fit your needs as your business grows.

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Simple and easy to use.
It’s easy to understand, easy to implement, and easy to use making it incredibly easy for your users to adopt.

DocufreeAP includes all the functionality you need and integrates to virtually any Accounting or ERP system out-of-the-box.

Key Benefits to your business:

  • 100% accuracy guarantee
  • No more paper or mail
  • No more hand-keying or data errors
  • No more delays or missing invoices
  • No more vendor calls or emails
  • Faster processing times
  • Exceptions are handled quickly
  • Same-day approvals from anywhere
  • Improved widespread collaboration
  • Consistent discount captures
  • Accurate on-time payments
  • Real-time visibility into cash flow and AP process performance
  • Increased compliance and fraud prevention

Life in AP just got a whole lot easier.


DocufreeAP is a “touchless” Accounts Payable solution with error-free invoices, instant approvals, and real-time visibility into your AP process.

Multi-channel capture.
Get a fax number, P.O. box, email address, and desktop scanner to capture all of your incoming invoices. Employees can scan or upload supporting documents from anywhere, anytime.

100% accurate data.
Data from each invoice is automatically captured, extracted, and then reviewed and validated by our subject matter experts for 100% accuracy.

“Touchless” 2-way & 3-way matching.
Our automated 2-way and 3-way matching provides “touchless” straight-through processing.

Seamless integration.
We automatically post approved-to-pay invoices directly to your accounting or ERP system.

Exception & Dispute Resolution.
Disputed invoices with exceptions can be annotated and instantly returned back to vendors for quick resolution.

Approval workflows.
Non-PO invoices requiring approval are automatically routed to approvers based on your business rules, or to ad-hoc approvers on the fly. Reminders and alerts are sent to keep the process moving.

Reporting & Interactive Dashboards.
Audit, analyze, and track process performance and cash flow with instant visibility into AP data.

Online Vendor Portal.
Self-service portal that delivers real-time status updates on invoices, eliminating vendor calls and emails.

Document Management & Storage.
Easily store, access, and manage documents, and keep up with your record retention requirements — in AP and all of your departments. One platform for document management and workflow automation across your entire organization.

Internal Compliance.
Get consistent, standardized processes, robust access controls, and a full audit trail.

Say Goodbye to Manual Processes

“Everyone has something to love with DocufreeAP. The CFO, the CIO, the stores. And, of course, the workflow improvements for me.”

– Alison Hamilton, Director of Merchandise Accounting, PGA TOUR Superstore