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The Cost of Paper

How much does your company spend each year to manage paper?

Studies show that paper is far more expensive than you would expect.

The costs really add up from the file cabinet to the file storage box. Below is an break-down of the average cost for one box of paper files.

Active Files: Year 1 File Cabinet, Onsite

• Standard 4-Drawer cabinet with 6 boxes: $8.32 per box

(cabinet / $499 with useful life of 10 years)

• Office space, 11.1 square feet @ $31.14 sq ft: $57.61 per box

(cabinet/drawer + OSHA std access space of 36 inches)

• Maintain paper-base files: $198.00 per box

(cost to file, search, retrieve and re-file)

Total Annual Cost Onsite Storage: $263.93 / box

Archived Files: Years 2-10 Box Storage, Offsite

• 10″ x 12″ x 15″ Standard File Box: $3.25 per box

• Pick up / handling: $7.75 per box

• Receiving and data entry: $3.42 per box

• Storage costs: $60.95

• Retrievals and returns: $25.50 per box

• Withdrawl / destruction: $10.33 per box

Total Offsite Storage Cost: $111.20 / box


Total Cost of 1 Box of Files: $375

Eliminate the Cost of Paper. Docufee can reduce your cost by more than half.


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No More Paper

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