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3 Ways a Paperless Office Benefits the Real Estate Industry

Real Estate Industry

Real Estate processes are inherently paper intensive. There is a lot of paperwork you have to take care of when listing, showing, or selling a home. You are probably on the road a lot and don’t have an easy way to access all of this paperwork at a moment’s notice. It’s also time-consuming to search through hundreds of files to find exactly what you’re looking for.

Sound familiar?

It’s time to make your life easier with a paperless office.

An online document storage system allows you to capture, store, and manage your documents and files securely online. From applications to mortgage files to lockbox information, documents can be stored on a cloud and easily accessible to you at the time you need it.

“A typical employee spends 30-40% of his time looking for information locked in email and filing cabinets – filing costs average about $20 per month.” – The Paperless Project

Saving time is just one of the many benefits of going paperless as a real estate agent.

Here are 3 reasons you need to consider a paperless office as a real estate agent:

  1. It’s faster, more efficient, and convenient. A document cloud allows you to access files around the clock from any place you have a computer or mobile device available.  Required paperwork can be turned in quickly, which speeds up the dreaded paperwork process. Plus, you’re able to view the status of active properties and deals without having to drive into the office.
  2. Gives you a professional and tech-savvy look. Demonstrating professionalism is key to success in the real estate industry. A paperless business will increase this professionalism and catch the eye of both clients and fellow realtors. Documents are handled properly and transactions are smooth and quick – this is the kind of look you want to have as an agent. This also allows your agency to attract new modern, tech-savvy agents to come work for you.
  3. Reduce cost of storage and printing. Did you know that 45% of the paper printed in offices ends up trashed by the end of the day? (Source: The Paperless Project) That’s a lot of wasted money spent on paper and ink. Even the cost of filing cabinets and storage rooms soak up plenty of budget. Going paperless eliminates these costs for your business, saving you major money.

Simply put, going paperless is going to save you time and money. It’s a smart and strategic business move for those in the real estate industry. Stand out from the crowd of other agents and delight your clients through a paperless transaction.

Many have concerns about security when it comes to an online document storage system. In the real estate industry, security of your documents is very important and something that shouldn’t be taken lightly as you are dealing with clients’ personal information. We are the only SaaS vendor to accept total accountability for the chain of custody from the time a document comes to us until you accesses it programmatically. We have over a decade of experience protecting and processing sensitive information.

Our solutions make your life easier with secure integration to your documents. We transform those documents you hate into transactions you love. Let’s talk about making your office paperless and helping you stand out in the real estate world.

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