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Digital Mail: Mail Scanning, Inbound Document Capture & Processing Services

Never physically open mail or manually process inbound documents again. Capture incoming documents and data from every source, intelligently distribute it across your organization and provide faster access to the information your workforce needs, when and where they need it.


Get out of the mailroom business and deliver end-to-end digital processes

On-premise mailrooms are slow, error prone, require too much labor and valuable real estate and simply cannot support today’s remote world of work or the various types of content businesses receive every day. It’s time to disrupt physical operations with a digital mail solution that meets modern information demands. Docufree’s Digital Mailroom does exactly that with mail scanning, inbound document capture and processing services delivered over the cloud. No matter where or how content enters your organization—from postal mail, faxes, emails, web forms and other applications—Docufree’s Digital Mailroom captures and distributes incoming information faster to the right people, workflows and systems.

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Deliver significant time, space and cost savings

It’s time to push manual mail processing and distribution out the door. No more overnight documents from branch offices and remote workers. Make your mail and information as mobile as your workforce. Reduce unnecessary headcount and reclaim precious real estate dedicated to peak unpredictable volumes. Eliminate infrastructure investments with a digital service that will scale to meet future needs. And, say goodbye to long cycle times, slow responses, and lost mail that leads to late fees, penalties and compliance risks.

Graph showing time, cost, and space savings of digital mail automation
A paper invoice compared to an automatic electronic invoice

Bring the valuable data in your documents to life

Paper is the antimatter to process automation and improvement, and email isn’t much better. You need to stop paper at the source and capture data that matters as soon as it arrives. Activate the information trapped inside documents and bring the data to life instantly within your workflows and enterprise applications. It’s time to empower people and processes, free from the limitations of paper and email.

A paper invoice compared to an automatic electronic invoice

Transform the way you operate on every level

Relying on clunky processes filled with delays, errors, miscommunication and risk no longer cuts it. It’s time to automate the way work gets done by instantly uniting information with the right people, processes and systems as soon as it hits the door. Every action becomes faster, precise, and easier to manage, track, and improve—from approving invoices, responding to customers, and onboarding employees to satisfying retention and privacy policies.

Screen showing a workflow system for digital mailroom automation

How it works: 3 simple steps

Blue icon of digital mail envelopes going into an office building

Route your mail to our secure facility

All of your incoming mail is received at our secure facility where it’s quickly scanned and digitally delivered on time to the right people.

Email notification of digital mail

Instantly know when new mail arrives

Receive an email notification the second new mail arrives and securely access it in just a few clicks from your Docufree Digital Mailroom account.

Digital invoice with options to act on or integrate data

Respond and act on it immediately

Act on new information faster. Deposit checks, pay bills, onboard employees, route for legal review, collect signatures, apply retention rules and more.

Wheel of cloud icons including ADP, Salesforce, Microsoft dynamics & more

Integrates with the apps your people use everyday

Docufree’s Digital Mailroom service seamlessly connects with the applications your people use every day to make life easier and mistake free. Imagine clicking a button in your accounting system to retrieve the related purchase order or invoice. Or, using the data from those documents to automatically populate the fields in the screen you’re working in. From point-and-click screen level integrations to full level integrations that instantaneously exchange data between your applications, your systems are always in sync with the most up-to-date data.

Wheel of cloud icons including ADP, Salesforce, Microsoft dynamics & more

Certified compliant,
audit-ready and secure

Some of the most highly regulated organizations in the country rely on us to process and protect their data. So we know what it takes to earn and maintain your trust and confidence. We go above and beyond to demonstrate our commitment to providing the highest levels of quality, privacy and security in the industry, from our continued investments in our people, technology and physical environments to the certifications that set us apart from the rest.


Get a mailroom that meets modern demands

Move to a digital-first model…

Stop paper at the source

Paper is slow, expensive, takes up space and doesn’t enable the strategic use of data. Keep it out of your processes, organization, and document management for good.

Unify information

Get a single point of entry that automatically captures and unifies all of your inbound paper and electronic content in every format from every source.

Act immediately

Deliver the right information to the right people as soon as it arrives so they can respond to requests faster and take action in record time.

Unlock valuable data

Turn the documents you receive everyday into usable, searchable data that makes it easy to find content, automate processes and enforce compliance.

Simplify and streamline

Automate time-consuming manual processes that involve multiple people across different locations, track each step and easily adapt to changes.

Increase visibility

Know what information is entering your organization, the actions being taken, by who and when, and measure it all with real time reporting and audit trails.

…and enable higher levels of productivity across the enterprise.


Move contracts quickly through the review and approval process. Track every step, receive alerts, edit and sign, and easily refer back to any contract later.


Never open mail, enter data, or chase down an invoice again. Get “touchless” AP with error-free invoices, instant approvals and direct integration to AP and ERP systems.


Instantly integrate new hires. Organize and track tasks across other departments. Make sure all documents are complete, properly retained and PII is protected.

Customer Service

Provide instant access to all the customer information your people need in the right places at the right time, regardless of what application they’re in.


Automate contract reviews and policy approvals. Instantly access all cases from one central location. Securely store, redact and share information.

Mobile workforce

Give your people the ability to serve customers, communicate information and trigger processes from anywhere, anytime while you keep tabs on their productivity.


“Once Docufree received the documents, everything went smoothly along the entire process. The Docufree team was easy to work with. Every interaction was extremely positive. There were no issues in execution. The project was right on target and delivered as promised.”

Jacqueline Raymond, HRIS & Compensation Analyst
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Focus on running your business, not the mailroom.

Discover what your organization can do with Docufree Digital Mailroom.