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Transparency. How a Scanning Service
Delivered More than Expected.

“Moving to Docufree’s automated Digital Mail Platform has enabled us to have total visibility and accountability into every piece of mail that comes into the firm. Paralegals and staff are processing mail in seconds and spending more time working on revenue-generating activities and not handling inbound and outbound paper documents.” – Ryan Colbert, CIO
Morgan & Morgan


APPLICATION. Inbound & Outbound Mail


LOCATIONS. 60+ Nationwide, Headquartered in Orlando, FL

DOCUFREE SERVICES. Inbound Mail Scanning, Extraction & Verification, Integrated Digital Mail Platform, Automated Outbound Mail

LITIFY PRODUCTS. Intakes, Matters, Docrio

Being able to manage paper in an efficient way is critical for legal practices. However, this can be a daunting task in an industry that has long been known for its paper-driven processes and offices lined with cabinets full of case files. Law firms produce documents—lots of them—and with this comes plenty of challenges in locating the right piece of paper at the right time.

Unfortunately, many firms still operate with the same physical paper mentality they’ve had for decades, resulting in misdirected deliveries, delayed and misplaced mail and checks, and paralegals spending too much time scanning, uploading, naming and attaching documents to the case management system.

Morgan & Morgan, the nation’s largest personal injury and consumer protection law firm headquartered in Orlando, FL, set out to find a better, more efficient way to manage paper processes.

“As a firm, we’ve been on a digital transformation journey with the goal to become the Google of law firms,” – Morgan & Morgan CIO Ryan Colbert.

What Docufree Does for Litify Users.

Docufree provides automated inbound and outbound mail processing for law firms like Morgan & Morgan. The firm uses Docufree to receive, open, scan and track all incoming USPS inbound mail, automatically capturing each document and delivering it to the right place in Litify. All paper mail is first sent to a Docufree facility where it is opened, prepped and ready for scanning and post-processing. Atier the images are created, Docufree tags each document with the matier number that is associated with each case. Docufree then uploads and routes the mail to the relevant matier file inside of Litify, and notifies the correct person inside the firm. This includes important checks and other time-sensitive material.



The Docufree Digital Mail platiorm directly links to Litify’s document management and generation solution, Docrio, so when a case is searched, all documents and correspondence for that case appear in one view.


Improved Efficiency & Time Savings.

Colbert said that prior to the implementation, staff members were spending 30 to 45 minutes per day looking at their inbound mail, opening the envelopes, scanning the mail and posting the mail to the relevant matters in Litify. Now, with the Docufree integration, they are spending about five minutes a day on these tasks.

Docufree’s Conversion Center


For Morgan & Morgan, incoming documents arrive through specified PO and email boxes where they are retrieved by Docufree and processed using high-speed equipment.


Docufree has invested in high-speed, high-quality equipment to provide better scans and the means to automate the opening, sorting and processing of mailed documents.


For Morgan & Morgan, this investment means, among other things, more efficient workflows. For you, our investment can translate into lower costs for your company – without sacrificing quality.

“With direct integration into Litify, Docufree makes it easier to meet time-sensitive deadlines for getting out key documents. Tracking is also much easier. A dashboard provides the status of every piece of outgoing mail with digitally captured milestones. This automation has greatly improved efficiency.”

About Docufree


Docufree is a business process services provider with leading capabilities in large volume document conversion, data capture, process automation, analytics and enterprise information management. Docufree securely manages and modernizes data interactions among humans and systems to create value for both clients and their customers—from digital on-ramp preparation to human resources, invoice processing, customer care and distributed payments administration.

Remote Office Support.

When COVID-19 hit, Morgan & Morgan was ready. “Digital mail was a huge help in cases where we needed to strategically send an entire office home for a period of time,” Colbert said. “Docufree was able to accommodate us with a seamless transition and mail delivery consistency while working remotely.”


Outbound Mail Advantages.

While inbound mail improvements have been substantial at Morgan & Morgan, Colbert points out that outbound mail processes are also much more efficient. By leveraging APIs with Docufree, the firm’s staff can now select a document, select the intended recipient and choose a class of service, such as “certified”, all from Litify, their case management platform. Then, with a simple click of a button, Docufree automatically mails the document.


“This has been a huge time saver for us, especially when it comes to certified mail,” said Colbert. “With direct integration into Litify, Docufree makes it easier to meet time-sensitive deadlines for getting out key documents. Tracking is also much easier. A dashboard provides the status of every piece of outgoing mail with digitally captured milestones. This automation has greatly improved efficiency.”

The Bottom Line.

The benefits to Morgan & Morgan from using Docufree are many.

Accuracy. Increased accuracy and promptness of mail delivery.


Reduced expenses. Reduced paper and processing times, improving efficiency and saving space.


Remote access. Remote access to incoming mail and automated outbound mail services directly from Litify.


Complete visibility. Complete visibility with tracking, audit trails and history of every document and check received.


Tracking is also much easier.


Deadline! It easier to meet time-sensitive deadlines for getting out key documents.

About Morgan & Morgan

As American’s largest plaintiffs’ law firm, Morgan & Morgan has more than 550 attorneys across 17 states that represent clients in over 40 practice areas, including national mass torts and class actions, labor and employment, civil rights, personal injury, medical malpractice, product liability, business litigation and insurance disputes, among others. Morgan & Morgan has fought on behalf of plaintiffs in major national litigation surrounding the Deepwater Horizon oil spill, the Yahoo! and Equifax data breaches, the Merrimack Valley gas explosions, Monsanto’s Roundup and many more. Additionally, Morgan & Morgan’s Business Trial Group is one of the only firms in the country that handles business litigation exclusively on a contingency fee basis. The firm has recovered more than $7 billion for over 300,000 clients

Did You Know?

Docufree maintains PCI compliance, the payment card industry’s information security certification, in the event that a client document requires storing credit card data. Docufree submits systems and processes to a yearly audit to maintain this compliance.

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