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Digital Transformation
for Cemeteries

Digitize burial, lot ownership and map records. Securely access, manage and update them from anywhere. And give families the ability to easily find a loved one’s grave online.

From record-keeping to digitally transforming your cemetery operations

The first step to improving and innovating cemetery operations starts with moving to digital records and upgrading the way you manage and interact with them. Docufree makes it easy with fully managed document scanning services and an intuitive cloud-based records management and mapping platform built exclusively for Cemeteries. Quickly migrate from paper to digital records you can search, access, and manage securely online. Get a bird’s eye view of your entire cemetery, navigate to any lot and know it’s status with a digital interactive map of your grounds. Give families and visitors the ability to quickly find where a loved one or distant relative is buried from anywhere in the world, plus so much more.


Turn paper into burial and lot information that’s a click away

Docufree is the nation’s industry leader in document scanning and conversion services. We’ve been scanning cemetery records and computerizing burial cards, lot cards, ledger books, deeds, maps and more since 1992. Our experts understand how you and your staff work with these records every day. That’s why cemeteries turn to us, to make sure their documents are converted into high quality digital files and accurate data they know they can rely on.


  • Downsize your paper storage needs
  •  Stop digging and thumbing through index cards
  • Migrate from paper to digital cemetery records faster
  • Make them easy to find with searchable indexes applied to all
  • Partner with certified experts who have a proven track record
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Unify records in one place,
find and update them instantly

Docufree’s CemeteryFind platform makes it easy for you to create one complete system of record with a single point of entry for data. Consolidate all of your records, paper and electronic, in one place. Search and retrieve any file in seconds. Add new lot sales and burials. Edit records when changes need to be made, from simply updating a name to updating new ownership. Print out lot, burial, owner cards and deeds. Instantly auto-populate deeds that match your current format when you enter in a new lot sale. Give visitors the ability to search cemetery burials online and see as much – or as little – information as you want to allow. Provide up-to-date hours of operation, regulations, pricing, and future plans with an easy to edit web page and more.


  • Store records in one reliable, central, secure database
  • Search, view, add, update and print our records
  • Automatically generate deeds for new lot sales
  • Link lot owners and burial information to cemetery map
  • Optionally make records available to the public online
  • Get 24/7 access to records from the office, home or the field
  • Strong SHA-2 and 2048-bit encryption
  • Get backups with the option to export your data
  • Easily generate and run reports for burials and lot sales

Tour cemetery grounds virtually from anywhere in the world

Docufree can scan and convert your paper maps into an interactive digital map that allows anyone to quickly navigate your cemetery from entrance to gravesite. Give staff and the public a bird’s eye view of inventory with every sold, unsold, veteran and historic lot identified and linked to burial and lot owner information. Provide family members and visitors with the ability to easily locate, receive directions to and digitally “visit” a gravesite from anywhere in the world.

  • Works on smartphones, tablets and PCs
  • Easily search new burials, available lots and historic information
  • Search, locate and navigate to a gravesite without visiting the cemetery
Map with directions to a tombstone at a cemetary

Ready to transform the way your cemetery operates?

Make life easier on the people who run your cemetery and better meet the needs of the families you serve. Contact us today for more information or to schedule a demo.