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Bring an end to enterprise info chaos

Capture, secure, share and manage the use of
enterprise information with our cloud-based document
management and workflow automation software.


The easiest way to manage, act-on, and mobilize your information

Want to deliver faster, better, intelligent ways of working? Then regain control and put your information to greater use. With Docufree’s cloud-based document management platform, you can master the flow of information, apply meaning and governance to it, and make it as mobile as your workforce while keeping it protected with the highest levels of security available. Create a digital, information-driven environment where everyone in your organization can think, respond, make decisions, pivot and work with speed and perfection.


Capture content and maximize its value

Capture and ingest the documents you need from nearly any source— from paper in file cabinets to faxes, emails, web forms and your other applications. Bring added intelligence by instantly classifying and indexing your documents with custom metadata. With your documents defined, your rules for how they’re organized, retained, accessed and routed are consistently applied.

Various types of documents transformed into a centralized, electronic index
Screen showing a digital workflow chart

Go from manual to automated and compliant

Eliminate paper-based workflows, automate tasks, manage the entire content lifecycle and better govern your records. Bring your processes into the digital age with workflow automation and know your rules are always followed—from assigning indexes, onboarding employees and approving invoices to acquiring signatures and archiving documents in the right folder at the end. With built in notifications, real-time monitoring and audit trails, everyone stays accountable and bottlenecks are easy to spot because everything is visible from beginning to end.

Screen showing a digital workflow chart

Keep everything safe, secure and easy to find

With Docufree Cloud’s intuitive interface and cloud-based access, users can quickly search and locate content from anywhere, at any time. Robust search tools make it easy to retrieve documents from inside the platform or from the applications your people use every day. And with world class security, at rest and in transit encryption, and user permissions, your content is always locked down and only available to those who are authorized to see it.

Docufee cloud management securely protecting documents on a world map
Wheel of cloud icons including ADP, Salesforce, Microsoft dynamics & more

Extend information across the enterprise

Whether you need to share documents with an auditor, provide an invoice to a customer, or send an offer letter to a new hire, Docufree’s cloud-based document management software makes it easy to share documents securely with people outside of your organization. And with seamless integration to your existing systems, you can instantly deliver the right information to your people when and where they need it.

Wheel of cloud icons including ADP, Salesforce, Microsoft dynamics & more

“Everyone has something to love with Docufree. Our CFO recently asked me for a particular set of invoices. I was able to produce them for him in a matter of minutes. My team can easily respond to an auditor’s request for information. And, our processes are clear and compliant.”

Alison Hamilton, Director of Merchandise Accounting
PGA Superstore

Start managing and leveraging enterprise information more effectively today.

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