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Lance Dixon

Lance Dixon

Strategic HR Solutions Consultant & ADP Channel Manager at Docufree | Specializing in Document Capture, Management, Automation and Integration with HR systems

6 Ways a Digital Document Management System Can Transform HR Processes

The world of HR is always growing, improving, and becoming more efficient. As an HR professional, you’re tasked with not only managing your employees, but also ensuring that they’re satisfied and engaged at work.


Would you believe us if we told you a document management system could help solve some of your HR problems?


Here are some ways that’s possible:

  1. It’s not easy for employees to share paper with other colleagues and clients, and when attempted, many times this can put you at risk for loss or damage. Digital files are easily shareable, tracked, and protected.

  2. The best way to attract and retain employees is by staying up-to-date in technology and giving them what they want — which is utilizing technology to accomplish their tasks. They already use technology to make everyday tasks simpler, so why not give them the same option at work?

  3. Implementing a DMS into your organization’s workflow will help you stay on top of employee performance. Having access to important performance metrics data will help you know when it’s time to address a potential burnout issue with an employee.

  4. Storing and managing personnel documents in paper form simply does not hold up in the digital age. You’re likely responsible for managing multiple records per employee, each one important and highly confidential. A DMS can help keep these documents organized and secure. Can your filing cabinet do that?

  5. A DMS can help you keep track of which files are accessed by which users, at specific times, and any changes made. This data can help you get a clear idea of how long tasks are taking and how efficiently your employees are working.

  6. Perhaps the biggest game-changer of a DMS is that it saves space. Think of the space you’d be able to free up if you replaced your paper files and filing cabinets with digital files. You might even have room for that new desk you’ve been eyeing.

Having your company’s information accessible in one single place can help you tremendously.

Eliminate the time it takes to sort through documents and focus on what really matters: your employees. If you’re ready to find the right DMS for you, let’s talk.

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