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Docufree provides services and solutions targeted to meet your specific requirements. We allow organizations to enhance productivity and improve workflow while increasing security and ensuring regulatory compliance. Docufree has developed secure document automation and information management solutions that address the specific needs of various industry verticals.


Corporate files range from confidential contracts to private HR files and beyond. These documents are a corporation’s vital records. They must be safely stored, secure, easy to access instantly, and searchable.

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Patient records and billing info are extremely sensitive, confidential, and paper-intensive records. Holding on to these records in your office or in storage introduces the risk of natural disasters, fire hazards, lost documents, and human error.

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Legal documents require the upmost confidentiality, care, and security. Your firm has high standards. Don’t let your operations get bogged down in the messy world of paper. Your file management should give you an edge…better client service, instant document search ability, and the state-of-the-art security.

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An industry full of paper. Not only are Financial, Insurance and Real Estate processes inherently document intensive, they are also riddled with security and regulatory compliance requirements. Document storage is an inefficient use of your budget, and finding old paperwork is a time consuming hassle.

financial, insurance, and real estate

Docufree works with many leading educational and research institutions on the local, state and national levels. We help these institutions achieve increased productivity and efficiency with corresponding decreases in paper volumes, storage and staffing costs.

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Docufree assists many government organizations at the local, state and federal levels. Our solutions eliminate the government’s massive paper records and their storage costs.

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Organizations in the Energy industry face document challenges in a broad range of functions. Exploration, production, refining, support services, contract management and marketing all add up to rooms full of paper.

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