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Our digital & cloud solutions include:

Make mail as mobile as your workforce

Customers expect answers now, employees are increasingly remote, and mail is no longer just paper from the post office. It’s also emails, faxes, and web forms coming into your business every day. Capture inbound documents from every source, deliver them into your processes and systems, and connect your workforce with the information they need as soon as it arrives.

Simplify processes and work smarter, not harder

Give sales, human resources, finance and other teams the time to be more strategic. Leverage Docufree’s RPA and AI technologies to automate and execute simple, highly repetitive tasks faster with fewer errors so your workforce can focus on the objectives that matter like serving more customers, recruiting top talent, and mitigating risks.

Unlock historical data and save time, money and space

Eliminate sprawling file cabinets, shelves, boxes and stacks of paper throughout your office and distributed locations. With Docufree’s scancloud services, it’s never been easier to scan large volumes of paper records into searchable, accessible and secure digital files, without the internal hassles, unpredictability or high up front costs.

One platform to unite your business

Capture and manage content, accelerate processes, and provide global wide, secure access to the right information when and where it’s needed. Create a digital, information-driven environment where everyone in your organization can think, respond, make decisions, pivot and work with speed and perfection.

Are you ready for digital transformation?

Find out where you stand on your journey to becoming a more digital, data-driven enterprise. Schedule a free consultation with one of our experts today to learn more about our cloud solutions and services.