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Digital Transformation for Healthcare

Healthcare organizations are far from paper-free. Docufree can get you there.

Healthcare organizations are far from paper-free. Docufree can get you there. Working with paper medical records isn’t going to work much longer. They’re prone to human error, open to compliance issues, extremely costly to store, retrieve and transport, and no longer work in a world that’s increasingly moving online. Digitizing and providing faster access to patient records minimizes administrative challenges and costs, freeing your staff to do what they do best—take care of patients. But converting large volumes of paper into digital records you can instantly find, on-time and on-budget, is no small feat. That’s where Docufree’s digital transformation services come in.

Eliminate paper related costs.

Eliminate paper piles in boxes, cabinets and shelves, and the costs to transport and store patient records.

Improve downstream tasks.

Make records immediately available for further processing or access by specialists and remote locations.

Increase workplace efficiencies.

Reduce administrative workloads and free up staff to provide better care with faster storing, sharing and retrieval

Provide faster, authorized access.

Ensure information is authorized, stored and instantly available to the right clinician, patient or department.

Be confidently secure and compliant.

Support regulatory and audit requirements by optimizing record security and patient privacy.

We Make Digital Transformation Possible for Healthcare.

Docufree works with healthcare organizations across the country, helping them improve access to patient records while making it easy to properly secure and retain them according to regulatory requirements. Docufree’s certified PCI HIPAA compliant medical record scanning service can migrate your organization off paper without the internal hassles, delays or high up-front costs. Quickly turn large volumes of paper medical records into digital images and data you can instantly access, securely share, better control and readily use in downstream processes and systems. All you have to do is place your paper documents in the boxes we provide. We do everything else.

Examples of document types we work with:
  • Patient records
  • EKG’s & X-rays
  • Medical billing & EOB’s
  • HR files
  • Compliance records
Why Docufree is the Leading Digital Transformation Company for Healthcare

Backfile Conversion

Get a fully managed medical record scanning service—from the empty boxes to pack up your files, secure nationwide pickup from one or multiple locations, conversion, indexing and digital delivery to secure destruction or return of your paper originals.

ScanCloud Account

Track the status of your project and our performance, review and access digital images and data elements, request file pulls, and scan, print or drag and drop to add follow along documents.


Easily transfer your documents and data from ScanCloud to your existing systems. Or export them to shared network drives or external media.

Production Center

Docufree operates one of the most secure processing centers in the country, managed and monitored 24×7 by a state-of-the-art National Operations Center (NOC). Security & Reliability Docufree exceeds the industry standard with certified PCI DSS, HIPAA/HITECH, and SOC2 Type II processes and facilities that secure highly confidential information at all times.

Certified Experts

Our professionals are Certified Digital Imaging Architects (CDIA+), Six Sigma Black Belts, data flow and integration experts with decades of experience.

Proven Solutions

Docufree has a proven track record of delivering measurable outcomes with more than 1,000 enterprise, healthcare and government customers, six consecutive years as the number one scanning service in the nation and an award-winning platform.

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