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Digital Transformation for Human Resources

Find any employee record in seconds. Centralize, organize, and keep them secure. Digitize manual, in-person processes. And move to anytime, anywhere HR.

Digital HR Solutions To
Power The New World of Work

For HR, securing and regulating information while making it easily accessible to the right people from the right place is a huge challenge. Especially when HR deals with more content from more sources than ever. It’s coming in from mail, faxes, emails, and web forms. It’s stored across inboxes, file cabinets, network drives and various HR systems. Without standardized controls for managing it, HR can’t know what information they have, where it is, who has access to it or if policies for compliance are being followed. Until now. Docufree helps HR gather, manage, and extract value from the sea of documents moving in and out of their departments. With Docufree’s digital transformation services, HR can enable faster access to information from where it’s needed, digitize manual processes, better protect employee data and simplify compliance.

Regain control over documents you have and all the ones coming in

No more sorting, scanning, renaming, and uploading documents, or hand keying in data. Docufree can automatically capture and categorize documents from all sources including file cabinets, boxes, network drives, inbound emails, faxes, postal mail, web forms and your other HR applications. With documents consistently defined, they can be easily found, managed and used according to any requirement—all with zero human effort.


  • Capture and import documents from all sources, paper and electronic
  • Automatically categorize each document by type
  • Extract the relevant data and ensure it’s accurate
  • Auto-populate indexes you can search and report on later
  • Bring relevant documents together for complete employee records
  • Easily apply the right retention requirements and access controls
  • Instantly route documents and their data to the right places
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Move away from paper to quickly completed, instantly delivered forms

No more downloading, filling out, emailing, or physically bringing over paper forms to HR or other approvers. Turn every requisition, job application, time off request, performance review, personnel action and any other paper form into electronic forms that are stored in one place, instantly accessible when needed, and ready for your workflows.


  • Turn paper forms into eforms that can be completed online
  • Automatically fill in fields with information you already have
  • Automatically route forms to the right people for completion
  • And the right department and staff for review and approval
  • Turn forms into document images you can properly retain
  • Sync data from your forms with your other HR systems
  • Prevent receiving forms with missing information you need

Bring any signing and approval process completely online

No more printing, scanning, mailing, back and forth emails and calls, or requiring in-person signatures. Get HR documents signed and returned in a matter of minutes online. Manage and track the entire process from beginning to end from anywhere. Onboard new hires, manage changes to benefits and execute any employment contractual process with speed, simplicity and precision.


  • Collect signatures from the office, at home or on the go
  • Route to one person or multiple people in a specific order
  • Know the moment a document has been viewed, signed or declined
  • Offer people a way to easily sign documents in just a few clicks
  • Everyone gets a finalized copy once the process is complete
  • Retrieve any signed document at a moment’s notice
  • Embed signature requests into any HR workflow
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Digitize HR processes and remove manual obstacles that slow you down

Boost productivity, improve HR service delivery, standardize processes, and support work from anywhere with automated workflows. Workflow automation turns manually handled processes such as sharing documents, making requests, getting approvals and signatures, and synchronizing files and data into all-digital workflows that are executed effortlessly, and practically hands-free, according to your rules every time.


  • Easily share new hire documents and verify they’re all received back
  • Streamline cross-departmental tasks from email to payroll setup
  • Automate employee change requests from managers
  • Distribute documents to your entire workforce for approval
  • Embed signature requests into any workflow that requires one
  • Automatically route documents and data to your other systems
  • Monitor every step in every workflow and prevent bottlenecks
  • Send notifications and alerts to keep people on task

Find and share information fast, keep it safe and properly retained

Unify documents in one place where you can centrally control, track and enforce your policies and regulatory requirements for managing them while providing seamless access to the information your workforce needs, regardless of where they are. And keep sensitive and confidential information protected at all times.


  • Unify documents for complete employee records
  • Manage how documents are maintained, accessed and used
  • Search and retrieve documents from anywhere, including other systems
  • Securely share documents with anyone, internal and external
  • Collaborate on documents with annotations and workflows
  • Encrypt files at-rest and in-transit, and set access controls
  • See what actions have been taken on any document with audit trails
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Connect your HR content with the
systems you use everyday

Getting documents and data into the systems you’re in all the time has never been easier.

Strategic Partner of ADP

Do you rely on ADP solutions to run your HR processes? Docufree makes it easy to automatically capture, classify and sync paper and digital employee records with ADP® Workforce Now and Vantage HCM systems.


Platinum ADP Marketplace Partner. ADP, always designing for people.

Is your HR department ready for digital transformation?

To keep pace with HR digital transformation, you need a road map that gets you to your destination. We can help. Our team of experts can assess how digital-ready your processes are today, help you plan for tomorrow and deliver a road map for getting there. Contact us today to find out more!