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Docufree Releases New Series of Applicant Tracking System Connectors

Instantly Connect Disparate New Hire Information Across HR Systems

ATLANTA – May 5, 2021 – Docufree, a business process services provider of large-volume document scanning, cloud-based document management and intelligent process automation, today announced key enhancements to its Document Cloud Platform, including a new series of Applicant Tracking System (ATS) connectors. These connectors automatically sync new hire records stored in ATS systems with other HR applications.

“Applicant Tracking Systems have modernized and accelerated the hiring process, but the employee experience doesn’t stop after recruitment,” said David Winkler, executive vice president and chief product officer at Docufree. “It is critical that new hire records in an ATS transfer to the right people and applications for seamless employee onboarding, provisioning, and compliant records management.”

Docufree’s ATS connectors automatically integrate new hire information received in an Applicant Tracking System with other HR applications in real time, breaking down data silos, improving service delivery, and helping HR teams leverage the maximum value out of other technology investments.

Most HR departments live in a hybrid world of paper and electronic documents, spread across file cabinets, email inboxes, network folders and various point solutions. According to recent research from the Sapient Insights Group, organizations are now managing and average of ten major HR systems, 29 HR system integrations, and resourcing over ten and a half weeks of system updates each year. As a result, transferring information from one system to another can be complicated. Documents are either manually entered into each system, taking up time and increasing the risk of human error, or they are printed out and placed in a file folder. In both scenarios, information becomes more difficult to effectively manage and protect, quickly access, or use for other purposes.

Docufree’s ATS connectors serve as a bridge between isolated new hire documents and complete, unified employee records—helping organizations meet retention, privacy and security requirements while improving access to information, when and where needed, without hours of manual work. Applications Docufree currently connects with include iCims, CareerBuilder, ClearCompany, Greenhouse, Ceridian, Dayforce, Jobvite, Workday and ADP® Recruiting Management.

The Connectors involve three fully automatic processes:

  • Capture: Retrieval of documents as they are created or added into existing recruiting management applications
  • Categorize: Classification of each document by type, according to your category and subcategory structure
  • Synchronize: Upload of the document and document properties (category/subcategory) to the correct final destination in your other HR applications

“Docufree’s ATS connectors provide workforce access to new hire documents from the applications an HR team uses every day and helps ensure a company has a complete—and easily accessible—employee file,” added Winkler. Other benefits include:

  • Breaking down information silos between ATS and other HR applications
  • Keeping documents consistently categorized according to established rules for quick search and retrieval.
  • Bringing employee records together into one central, secure location.
  • Easy integration (point, click, configure) of ATS documents with zero coding effort.
  • Ability to be up and running in minutes without complex technical requirements.

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Docufree is a business process services provider of large-volume document scanning, cloud-based document management, and intelligent process automation. Since 1999, Docufree has securely managed and modernized how people and the systems they use every day interact with data and each other, driving measurable outcomes for both clients and their customers—from providing an on-ramp to digital transformation to automated invoice processing, human resources, and customer communications. Today, over 1,000 enterprise organizations and government agencies rely on Docufree to empower their workforce with the information they need and ensure processes are executed with speed, accuracy, and compliance from wherever work needs to happen. For more information, visit Follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter @Docufree then like us on Facebook.

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