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Print and Mail Services for Businesses

Streamline outbound communications with Docufree’s high-volume print and mail solutions, backed by our world-class operations and technology. Reduce costs, improve compliance, guarantee consistent delivery and keep your business reliably in touch with your audience.


Improve interaction and compliance through outbound customer communications

Effective outbound communications are vital to the customer experience, but compliance, delivery tracking and rising postage costs can easily become pain points. We work with clients in highly-regulated industries to create compliant outbound communications—including letters, statements, invoices, checks, explanation of benefits, welcome kits, enrollment packets, marketing communications and more—utilizing best-in-class data aggregation, manipulation and composition services.


Put Our Deep Industry
Experience To Work

Combining decades of experience in the outbound communications space, state-of-the-art equipment and continued investment in technology, we create, produce and mail essential, professional documents designed for a better end-user experience.

Our team works closely with the United States Postal Service (USPS) by focusing on compliance, maximization of postage discounts (using presorting at a 5-digit rate) and collaboratively responding to industry challenges. 

We offer address cleansing services to remove duplicate and undeliverable addresses as well as handle National Change of Address (NCOA) updates. Clients find additional value in our Intelligent Mail Barcoding (IMB) services used to track the timing and delivery of mail pieces after leaving our facility.

Why clients choose Docufree 

to handle their outbound communications

20+ Years

deep institutional knowledge


average cost savings


data-to-mail piece integrity


impressions monthly


Maximize Your
Budget with Strategic Outsourcing

Deep Postage Savings and Discounts: Utilize our householding, presorting, and address cleansing services to significantly improve mail deliverability, cut down on USPS postage costs, and reduce the volume of returned mail.

Optimized Personnel Allocation: By outsourcing your outbound communications, your firm can minimize in-house staffing requirements or redeploy your team to roles that contribute more directly to your business goals.

Eliminate Overhead Costs: Free your business from the fluctuating expenses of equipment leases, maintenance, temporary staffing, and software upgrades. Outsourcing with us means these capital investments are no longer your concern, allowing for a more predictable budget and financial planning.

Elevate Engagement
with High-Quality

Enhanced Customer Experience and Response: Integrate engaging promotional and informative content within routine communications to effectively encourage customer actions and strengthen loyalty. Our team can guide you in creating compelling transpromotional messages that resonate with your customers.

Improved Readability and Actionable Content: Leverage our full-color technology for a wide range of design choices that catch the eye, and work with our document composition experts to fine-tune your message structure. This results in enhanced readability, ensuring that your calls to action are clear and prompt a quicker customer response, and correlates quicker receipt and processing when inbound items are received and processed back into your organization through a digital mailroom

Ensuring Compliance
and Continuity in
Document Handling 

Rigorous Compliance & Security: Our Automated Document Factory (ADF) upholds the highest standards of data protection with multi-layered quality controls that track the entire print production process, ensuring the integrity of data matched with the correct mail piece. Intelligent insertion using 2D barcode technology verifies accurate delivery of sensitive documents like bank statements and marketing materials, with our practices certified by state, federal, and industry standards including SOC 2, HIPAA, and PCI DSS.

Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery: We prioritize your operational resilience by maintaining the capability to swiftly relocate operations to ensure uninterrupted completion of client deliverables, even in emergency scenarios. 


Real Time Tracking & Reporting

Experience unparalleled transparency and control with our secure, web-based print portal designed for real-time tracking and reporting. This intuitive platform grants you immediate access to essential mailing production metrics, including volumes, costs, and detailed forecasting. With this data at your fingertips, you can make agile, informed decisions.

Focus on running your business, not customer communications.

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