Docufree Wins 2022 Stevie Award for its Digital Mailroom Legal Solution – Learn More

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New eBook: Discover the Keys to Successful HR Automation

HR is a very document-centric corporate function. From applications, offer letters and benefits enrollment to status change forms, performance reviews and educational assistance, these documents are central […]
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The Ins and Outs of Workflow Automation

What is Workflow Automation? In order to fully understand the ins and outs of workflow automation, it’s important to understand some key terms: Workflow: A workflow is a […]
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How Cemeteries Can Benefit From Digitizing Records

This article was originally published on Funeral Home & Cemetery News. Many cemeteries today are […]
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Documents to Data Part II: The Case for Digital Mail

In our first blog, “Documents to Data Part I: The information You Need to Run Your Law […]
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Achieving GLBA Compliance: The Importance of Digital Document Management for Auto Dealers

The Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (GLBA) is a U.S. Federal law enacted in 1999 that governs the way financial institutions handle consumers' personal financial information. The law requires financial institutions […]
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Why Building an LSL Inventory Starts with Document Digitization

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has declared a “war on lead.” […]
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Automotive Dealerships, Compliance, Information Security

How Auto Dealerships Can Prevent Data Breaches

Auto dealerships handle a myriad of documents that contain customers’ personal data, extensive vehicle records, transaction histories, and much more. Therefore, auto dealerships should have stringent […]
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Docufree Wins 2022 Document Manager Award in “Enterprise CMS Product of the Year” Category

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Digital Cemetery Records Decrease Admin Time, Increase Operational Efficiency

Many cemeteries today are dealing with a critical challenge: They are running out of room. Unfortunately, more burial space for expansion is hard to secure in light of booming urban expansion and stricter […]
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Documents to Data Part I: The Information You Need to Run Your Law Firm Efficiently

Law firms at their very core are driven by content and information. Data is the lifeblood of the law business, and the industry produces a staggering amount of data and content every day. When most […]
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Your Documents Aren’t Safe. Here Are the Best Practices for Document Security

This article was originally published on Entrepreneur. The digitized […]
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Docufree Acquires Document Intelligence Solution Provider DealerDOCX

Acquisition Allows Company to Expand Digital-Transformation Services Deeper into the Automotive Industry ATLANTA – Oct. 25, 2022 – Docufree, a leading […]
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