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Digital Transformation for Public Works

Eliminate paper and manual processes. Find information, complete
and track tasks, and serve citizens faster than ever from anywhere.

Rapidly accelerate your move
towards digital public services

Built exclusively for Public Works departments with input received from actual employees, Docufree’s digital transformation services and platform for Public Works gives you an affordable yet robust alternative to a full GIS system. Make records instantly accessible to staff from the office, home, or the field, enable citizen self-service, automate and track day-to-day requests and work orders, streamline interactions between employees and the residents you serve, and comply with regulatory reporting requirements and open records laws.

Go from paper to fully-text
searchable digital files

Turn large volumes of paper records into digital, searchable, GIS-supported files you can better access, preserve, protect and share. Whether you need to scan AP, AR or HR documents, utility connection and tie cards, deeds, construction plans or street maps, Docufree can help you make your records available from the systems your people use every day. All you have to do is place your files in the boxes we provide. We manage everything else.

  • Get rid of boxes, file cabinets and off-site paper storage
  • Go from paper to completely searchable documents
  • Leverage data to control access, retention, and organization
  • Partner with certified experts who have a proven track record
  • Get a paper-to-digital migration plan that meets your needs
Man typing on a laptop with floating, connected file document symbols
Rolls of paper blueprints

Accurately convert construction drawings into usable, editable data

Docufree can accurately transform PDF files into fully editable vector CAD data or a full Revit model. Standard CAD file conversion includes basic layering – walls, windows, doors, electrical, HVAC, water, text, etc. – all on separate layers. We guarantee accuracy; when we convert arcs and circles, they are true arcs and circles. We can conform to any specific colors, fonts, symbols or other requirements. We also use existing CAD templates to match styles and colors or overlay new sections from PDF files onto them. Our team also specializes in Architectural BIM modeling services using Revit. We can convert 2D PDF plans to architectural and MEP 3D Revit models, accurately and cost-effectively. Our Revit services include structural 3D, building information, and architecture 3D modeling, Revit family reaction and modeling, and CAD to Revit BIM conversion. 

  • Convert plans, maps, engineering, schematics and other detail drawings
  • PDF, TIF, JPG to CAD and 2D PDF to MEP 3D Revit models
  • Most accurate, error-free CAD conversions in the industry
  • Using your specs, blocks, symbols and templates
  • Intelligent, layered, dimensionally accurate and 100% CAD perfect

Centralize, update, access and
share information from anywhere

Get a complete view of all records by bringing them together on one cloud-based platform. Streamline requests by empowering staff and field workers to find the information they need when they need it from anywhere, at any time. Secure and protect documents from unauthorized access. Better comply with record retention schedules. Create audit trails of any access or action taken on a document. Leave notes, redact private and confidential information and securely share documents with external parties. Docufree gives you one intuitive space for improving how your people collaborate and exchange information.

  • Centralize records in one secure platform
  • Scan, print in, drag and drop and upload new documents easily
  • Quickly find and share information faster than ever
  • Access and upload information from the field
  • Comply with audits and discovery demands
  • Provide the right level of access to the right people
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Woman sitting on a couch with a laptop and dog

Empower citizens to find information online directly from your website

Free your staff from unnecessary phone calls and office visits by providing citizens, contractors and businesses access to public records online. Docufree helps you create an online portal accessible from your municipality website where the public can instantly search for and access information they need rather than calling or coming into your office. Provide property information, project plans, applications and more in just a few clicks.

  • Fulfill public records requests faster than ever
  • Provide a searchable records archive right from your website
  • Increase government transparency and trust
  • Improve compliance with FOIA and OPRA laws

Turn in-person paperwork into digital forms and automated workflows

Turn paper applications, work orders and citizen requests into standardized electronic forms that are stored and managed in one place, made instantly available online and ready for your workflows. When an issue or request comes in, Docufree routes it and assigns the right actions to the right staff or field worker along with any supporting information that’s need to resolve the event. No more bringing a checklist out to the field, taking pictures and attaching them later. Crew members can receive alerts for new tasks, view details, follow procedures, collect and upload any additional information needed and mark the task complete from wherever they are. Supervisors can view pending workflows, check the status, delegate and escalate tasks, and run statistical reports.

  • No more paper forms or manual issue resolution
  • Give customers an easy way to submit requests online
  • Instantly assign and track requests and work orders
  • Send notification alerts to keep processes moving along
  • Empower workers to upload information from the field
  • Monitor every step and report on the outcomes
Construction worker holding a tablet and pointing outside

Digitally transform your public works department today

Operate more efficiently, increase productivity, streamline citizen requests and save costs by digitizing work orders. See what’s possible by scheduling a demo today!