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Digital Mailroom Solutions for Legal

Eliminate your firm’s physical mailroom. Digitally receive, act on, send and track inbound and outbound mail, at home, on the go or from the court room.

Digitally Transform Your Practice with a
Digital Mailroom

Law firms are critically dependent on inbound documents from opposing counsel, courts and clients. Time-sensitive documents that often require a calendared response and contain confidential information. The problem is, they are coming in from all over, leading to a world of paper, couriers, scan-to-email workflows and distributed data that is nearly impossible to govern. Insert time, case management software, eDiscovery, and cost recovery models, and it becomes a communications challenge. Docufree’s Digital Mail Solution for Legal changes that by streamlining all sources of inbound communications into one platform where its processed according to your rules, instantly delivered to the right people, workflows and systems, trackable at every step and responded to on-time.

Move your mailroom to the cloud and access it in a few clicks

On-site mailrooms where paper mail is physically received, managed and distributed by an in-house support staff no longer makes sense in today’s digital, remote and hybrid world. It’s time to eliminate your mailroom and all the delays, risks, expenses and space requirements that come with it. Instead, get a full range of digital mailroom services delivered to you over a secure cloud platform. Docufree’s Digital Mailroom gives you the expertise, infrastructure, and direct integration into your existing systems to make the transition effortless.
  • Never open, sort, scan, overnight or post mail again
  • Significantly reduce paper handling and operating costs
  • Digitally distribute mail faster to the right people
  • Access and manage mail from anywhere, at anytime
  • Accurately capture and bill for mail related client expenses
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Bring paper and digital mail streams together in one platform

Mail isn’t just paper anymore. It’s also emails, faxes, web forms, EDI streams and XML files. Docufree’s Digital Mailroom gives your firm a single-entry point for both paper and digital mail streams, where everything is intelligently and consistently processed according to your rules every time. We scan, capture and identify inbound documents as they arrive, extract the relevant information, route it to the right people or process, and integrate it with your existing systems. You get immediate, organized access to all the information generated throughout the course of any relationship, case or matter.


  • Merge incoming mail and digital information streams
  • Bring relevant documents together for complete records
  • Instantly find answers hidden in lengthy documents
  • Securely share knowledge with anyone, internal and external
  • Access files online and work from anywhere

Spread compliance, visibility and efficiency across your entire firm

Make every day manual tasks faster, foolproof, and trackable in real-time. Send automated notifications the moment new mail arrives. Route documents for review, approval, and signature across one or multiple parties. Update records in your other systems with the data from inbound documents. Create document templates for outbound responses rather than having associates create them from scratch. Sending mail out is a simple as selecting the response and clicking a button. Docufree does the work to print, fold, meter, and ship mail. Track mail volumes, status, recipients, workflow steps and any action taken on any document with reporting and audit trails.


  • Automate manual tasks to focus on billable work
  • Keep systems up-to-date with accurate data
  • Standardize processes to stay confidently compliant
  • Stay on top of time-sensitive deadlines
  • Accelerate cycle times and responses
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“Moving to Docufree’s automated Digital Mail Platform has enabled us to have total visibility and accountability into every piece of mail that comes into the firm. Paralegals and staff are processing mail in seconds and spending more time working on revenue-generating activities and not handling inbound and outbound paper documents.”

Ryan Colbert, CIO, Morgan & Morgan
Morgan & Morgan

Is your law firm ready for digital

Remote and hybrid working are turning the traditional mailroom on it’s head. Find out how our automated digital mailroom solution can transform your practice to meet today’s demands.
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