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Docufree Launches ADP Recruiting Management Connector to Simplify New Hire Records Integration

Docufree’s latest Applicant Tracking System (ATS) integration automates the manual process of moving documents stored in ADP® Recruiting Management to other HR applications.

Docufree today announced the availability of Docufree Connector for ADP® Recruiting Management on the ADP Marketplace, allowing organizations to easily sync new hire records stored in ADP® Recruiting Management with other HR applications in real time, including ADP Workforce Now®, ADP Vantage HCM®, and ADP Enterprise HR®.

From job applications, professional licenses, offer letters and more, ADP® Recruiting Management gathers valuable and confidential candidate information that needs to flow into other HR applications for streamlined employee onboarding, provisioning, manager and employee self-service, and compliant records management.

Up until now, moving these documents into other systems has been a very manual, time-consuming process with one of three paths taken:

  • Option 1: Documents are manually uploaded with the document properties entered by hand. These properties include the category and subcategory which are used to identify and search for a specific document later. Depending on the volume of documents, this takes time and dedicated resources. More importantly, manual data entry always falls victim to human error. If the document properties are not entered correctly, or the files are not loaded to the right place, your effort to properly manage and access these records from other systems is completely derailed.

  • Option 2: Documents are printed out and filed away in a file cabinet, perpetuating paper in HR, and all the inconveniences and security gaps that working with it creates.

  • Option 3: Documents stay in ADP RM where they continue to be isolated.

In each of these scenarios, new hire data remains difficult to manage, protect, tap into, or use for other purposes quickly. Docufree’s Connector for ADP® Recruiting Management changes that with effortless, automated integration.

How It Works
Docufree’s Connector works quietly in the background, pulling, categorizing, and syncing documents in real time to the correct destination in other HR systems. It’s the bridge between isolated new hire documents and complete, unified employee records—giving your team improved access to the information they need from the systems they use every day without hours of manual work.

The Connector automates three processes:

  • Capture: Existing and new incoming documents are automatically retrieved the moment they arrive in ADP® Recruiting Management
  • Categorize: Documents are automatically identified and categorized by type, according to HR’s category structure
  • Synchronize: Documents and their document properties (i.e. metadata fields) are automatically uploaded to the correct destination in other HR systems

Benefits For You:

  • On-demand transfer of documents making information available faster.
  • Consistent, systematic document categorization eliminating errors and data entry.
  • Improved accessibility to new hire documents by the right people in the right systems.
  • More accurate, secure, and complete employee records.
  • Improved ability to control access and set record retention.
  • Easy integration (point, click, configure) of ATS documents with zero coding effort.
  • Ability to be up and running in minutes without complex technical requirements.

HR departments often live in a hybrid paper and electronic world because centralizing and integrating documents and data spread across file cabinets, emails, network folders and disparate applications is an extremely complex challenge. Docufree makes it easy, fast, and secure with an entire suite of HR records management and process automation solutions that integrate with your existing applications. Click here to learn more.

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