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Document Management

Securely and compliantly digitizing and storing human resources’ records using Docufree® hosted document management and workflow solution

The client, located in the Northeastern region of the US, operates multiple airports in a busy metropolitan area. With a mission-oriented goal of delivering a best-in-class customer and team member experience, its forward-thinking leadership began a search for a vendor partner to digitize Human Resources’ files and confidential records for its active, retired and terminated employees.


525,000 images converted and digitized


90 days from project inception to completion


95% accuracy rate at the character level



The client’s objectives included: transitioning its paper records and documents to a digital environment; reducing the storage space used to house paper files; enabling an online, cloud-based web portal to access documents; and project delivery completion within 90 business days while adhering to the most stringent compliance requirements.


Docufree® deployed its courier network to retrieve all barcoded cartons from the client’s location. Files were securely transported to Docufree® processing facilities and scanned to confirm delivery. All documents were prepared (to remove staples, paperclips, etc.), scanned via high-speed scanners indexed and transformed into data and images. Current and prior employee information—including sensitive employee data such as name, social security number, date of birth and employment status—was uploaded into Docufree® secure document hosting and workflow management solution, Docufree DocumentCloud™. The client’s team members were assigned varying access and security levels based on document type.


Throughout the duration of the bulk document scanning project, the client was able to request access to any documents not yet digitized. Upon request, the Docufree® team was prepared to provide the client with the specific physical files or deliver to the client via scan-on-demand (SOD) service. Either method was processed within 48 hours of the request.


Docufree® successfully digitized more than half a million images of confidential employee data within the 90 days outlined in the original project scope.


The conversion process aligned with compliance and confidentiality considerations (HIPAA, ISO 9001, SOC2 and NAID) as well as the client’s specific record retention policies. All documents were converted into a searchable PDF format with data capture accuracy of 95% at the character level.

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