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Docufree: Nationwide Document Scanning | Seventy Seven Energy Case Study

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In a Time of Transition, You Have to Get It Done.
And Get It Done Right.

A best-in-class services company delivering operational efficiency to energy clients means applying that efficiency standard in-house as well. Previously a wholly-owned subsidiary, Seventy Seven Energy spun-off from its parent company in 2014 seizing the opportunity to move from a large installed HCM system (PeopleSoft) to a cloud-based solution in the process. The go-to choice for Seventy Seven Energy was ADP’s Document Cloud®, a new and innovative way to store, manage and retrieve employee documents.

The benefits to Seventy Seven Energy would be exciting. The switch-over would be as well but in a different way. For Jacqueline Raymond, that meant moving almost 6000 employee personnel files – 230,000 documents – to a digital format within a very fixed time-frame, without errors. And with the new company’s go-live date coming up fast, this deadline – one of the first and most broadly reaching initiatives – could not be missed.

As the new organization’s HRIS and Compensation Analyst, Jacqueline’s first step was to consider the specific needs and then her options. There would be the actual digital-to-digital transfer of course. There would be some paper files to scan and store. And, while many files were in some sort of a digital format already, all of them would have to be categorized and mapped to the new system’s structure. Because these were employee data files, the need for security was high. Finally, cost would be an important consideration as would the partnering organization’s respect for that deadline.

Although we were referred to Docufree by our ADP Implementation project manager, we considered other vendors. We looked at one other in particular. And we investigated hiring a team of temporary employees. The choice came down to which could most accurately map our files to the new system and verify it was correct. Docufree, we decided, was the better use of our resources, especially in terms of time and sensitivity to the information – and the most likely to accomplish the goal.”

The benefits are many:

Accelerated Timeline.
Massive Volume.

Docufree worked closely with Seventy Seven Energy to achieve a large project scope on a tight deadline. ADP Document Cloud® was executed with zero margin of error. Read more…

Store, Manage, Retrieve Documents.
Over 230,000 individual documents converted, categorized and made instantly available. Instant access and access control to documents increases overall compliance. Read more…

ADP Strategic Partner
The established relationship between Docufree and ADP provides tight communication and seamless processes. Read more…

Error Free Execution.
A certain percentage of errors and mislabeled files were anticipated but “We have not encountered a single error in the categorizing and mapping in over a year.” Read more…

Jacqueline was, admittedly, a little skeptical at first that even Docufree could achieve the goal; the volume was massive and the timeline was short. She remembers thinking, “Can ANYONE do this?” But with a finite transition services agreement and a tight timeframe bearing down on them, they turned the key. With an external hard-drive for a back-up plan, Jacqueline braced. But then…

Once Docufree received the documents, everything went smoothly along the entire process. The Docufree team was easy to work with. Every interaction was extremely positive. They provided all the necessary data elements making it easy for us to extract the information. There were no issues in execution. The project was right on target and delivered as promised.”

A year later, the opinion of Docufree’s work is still high. A certain percentage of errors and mislabeled files were anticipated but “we have not encountered a single error in the categorizing and mapping in over a year,” says Jacqueline. “That’s an unexpected plus.”
Read more…

Learn more about the services Docufree provides for Seventy Seven Energy. Download the complete Case Study below.

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About Seventy Seven Energy.

Seventy Seven Energy Inc. is a diversified oilfield services company that provides a wide range of wellsite services and equipment to U.S. land-based exploration and production (“E&P”) customers operating in unconventional resource plays. Through our umbrella of affiliates, we provide comprehensive upstream services, including drilling, pressure pumping and oilfield rental tools. Our operations are geographically diversified across many of the most active oil and natural gas plays in the onshore United States.