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Large progressive healthcare system in the New York metro area digitizes thousands of patient records into centralized EHR

A major health system in the Greater New York metropolitan area underwent a major expansion including the acquisition of dozens of different medical practices. During this massive expansion, the acquired practices were required to transition all of their patient records into one centralized Electronic Health Record (EHR) system while adhering to strict health information privacy and protection requirements, including Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) compliance.


300,000 patient charts converted to electronic media and uploaded to one centralized EHR


30M pages of patient information processed


The acquired practices had records in various paper and electronic formats, and a strategy was needed to determine which patient information should be converted to electronic format and which information should be stored and provided only when requested. The client needed a domain expert in document and content management with experience bringing all of these specialties live into one centralized Electronic Health Record (EHR) system during a multi-year initiative.


Document types included:
• Patient medical and health records
• Paper Charts
• Financial information, billing information and patient insurance details


Docufree® began by providing in-depth consultancy services and developing a strategic plan to fulfill the healthcare system’s vision of migrating all existing and acquired practice information to one EHR. By implementing a staged solution, beginning with an assessment of each of the acquired practice’s records and designating the digital or hard copy destination, Docufree® was able to seamlessly transition all designated paper and electronic records to one centralized EHR while preserving the remaining records and making them available digitally. Docufree® also converted stored paper charts to digital charts on demand, when requested, and delivered to the EHR. As practices were purchased, Docufree® modified the work rules to address the different filing systems and standardized the content so all specialties could find each patient’s clinical information in the same digital chart.


By combining Docufree® expertise in document management and continuous improvement in technology, the acquired practices’ data was seamlessly digitized and converted into actionable, searchable and usable patient information, helping the entire healthcare system transition to a unifi ed, compliant and digital workplace.



Docufree® took the client “paperless” with digital chart conversion and abstraction using experts skilled in digitizing clinical data. The goal was to create a unifi ed system for digitized patient health record management and gain employees’ buy-in and adoption of the entire conversion process. Transitioning more than 300,000 patient medical records into the EHR was vital to support the client’s growth strategy and mission, as well as regional health initiatives.


Providers and patients gained access to complete unified medical records to drive improved patient outcomes, predictive modeling and coordinated care. Docufree® clinical digitization experts were able to improve the readability of digital images. Best practices were shared across the entire health system.


Team members and chart room workforce were reassigned to higher-level positions or reduced through attrition over time. Existing paper filing rooms were repurposed into revenue-generating patient exam rooms leading to millions of dollars per year in additional revenue.


Docufree® provided an efficient pricing structure and operated within budget constraints, and the client continues to retain Docufree® when adding practices, acquiring healthcare systems or strategically aligning with affiliated systems.