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“Everyone has something to love with our Docufree scanning services. The CFO, the CIO, the stores. And, of course, the workflow improvements for me.” – Alison Hamilton, Director of Merchandise Accounting
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CLIENT SINCE. November 2008


LOCATIONS. 10 in Southeast and Southwest
Scanning, Document Storage, Workflow

Cutting costs and saving money are goals of many companies and organizations. Problem is—cutting costs often has negative side effects. Less efficient environments may lead to reduced productivity and, in the world of retail, problems with tracking inventory. All these can offset the benefits of reduced expenses.


But cost cutting is a business perennial. So PGA TOUR Superstore’s Alison Hamilton found a way to actually improve her department’s document workflow process while reducing expenses. With the increased productivity, she was then able to reduce costs further by requiring fewer staff. And yet have a more effective department and able to add new stores without adding support staff.


“The CFO was looking to reduce costs. Our CIO wanted a turn-key installation for any new system. I needed our environment as paper-free as possible and our department more effective. The only point of integration to our core systems was a simple file to validate accurate data on the invoices.”


What Docufree does for PGA TOUR Superstore.

Alison already understood the benefits ofdocument scanning and maintaining heraccounting documents electronically. But she was looking for a way to capitalize on her scanned documents. She wanted cost savings and a more efficient document workflow process for her department also.



Docufree scans nearly 20,000 pages for PGA TOUR Superstore each month and processes over 8,000 invoices. “Reduced overall costs to us. Higher quality. Confidence in the process. And a better finished product. This is document scanning at a whole different level.”


Increased Workflow Management.

Merchandising invoices are retrieved byDocufree as they arrive – whether by email or by snail mail. Using document indexing requested by Alison and her team, the data on the invoices is indexed (“filed” according to client specifications). At this point, Alison’s team is already experiencing efficiencies. “We do not have to navigate the differing formats of the invoices. More importantly, Docufree flags exceptions that might appear with the invoice. A powerful example of this ‘exception handling’ is payment terms. Quite often, we negotiate longer payment terms for special purchases and to increase value for our customers. If the invoice got paid at the default because an exception was not caught, then we have left money on the table. With the tiny margins in retail, cash flow is important.”


Docufree’s Conversion Center


For PGA TOUR Superstore, incoming documents arrive through specified PO and email boxes where they are retrieved by Docufree and processed using high speed equipment.


Docufree has invested in high speed, high quality equipment to provide better scans and the means to automate the opening, sorting and processing of mailed documents.


For PGA TOUR Superstore, this investment means, among other things, more efficient workflows. For you our investment can translate into lower costs for your company – without sacrificing quality.

“If you are looking to better manage your invoices or cut costs, definitely take a look at Docufree. The service is great. The service team is quick to respond and very helpful. They work through issues and exceptions with you. Most of all, it’s a good value.”

About Docufree


Docufree provides the most comprehensive suite of document management and business process automa on solu ons that make paperless possible. Organization of all sizes across the country rely on Docufree to help them get rid of boxes, fire their file cabinets, and stop paper at the source for good. With Docufree, our customers have maximized efficiencies, reduced costs and increased their overall compliance by transforming their inefficient paper streams into secure data streams that integrate with their line-of-business applications.

Online Document Storage.

PGA TOUR Superstore turns to Docufree for invoice scanning but also for maintaining that data in their online document management system, Docufree On-Demand. Besides storage benefits, with online document management PGA TOUR Superstore has immediate – and better managed – access to their accounting documents. By indexing the invoice data as it arrives, Docufree addresses some of the inherent issues in accounts payable – invoices arriving in multiple formats via multiple methods, documents being delayed or lost due to misfiling. Docufree’s hosted application means Alison can access her documents anytime and from anywhere. She merely needs access to the internet.



In accounting, audits happen periodically. They can be disruptive and problematic for the organization if problems are discovered. “Our senior management really appreciates that audits run smoothly. My team can easily respond to an auditor’s request for information and our processes are clear and compliant.”

The Bottom Line.

The benefits to PGA TOUR Superstore from using Docufree are many.

Reduced costs. Less expensive and higher quality than previous document scanning service.


Reduced expenses. Three people do what would have taken six employees using the previous approach. An all paper environment would require even more.


Improved cash flow. Better management of payment terms provides improved cash flow.


Smoother, cleaner audits.


Easier access to invoice details.


Extra hands right when it counts. Outsourced work with skilled specialists.


Clean desks! A paperless accounting environment.

About PGA Superstore

PGA TOUR Superstore is as passionate about improving your game as you are about playing it. We demonstrate this every day by providing golf and tennis players alike with unparalleled selection, exceptional services and guaranteed low prices to help you take things to a whole new level – whatever that means to you. And because of our affiliation with the PGA TOUR, every golfer has access to the same technology, expertise and TOUR Van experience that the card-carrying professionals do. To put it another way, the only thing PGA TOUR Superstore can’t do for you is provide more daylight hours to get in another nine.


PGA TOUR Superstore is owned and operated by Golf & Tennis Pro Shop, Inc. (GTPS) and headquartered in Atlanta, GA. GTPS is the PGA TOUR’s exclusive PGA TOUR partner for off-course/off-airport golf retailing.


Current PGA TOUR Superstore locations include the Myrtle Beach, Atlanta, Naples, Phoenix and Dallas metro areas.

Did You Know?

Docufree maintains PCI compliance, the payment card industry’s information security certification, in the event that a client document requires storing credit card data. Docufree submits systems and processes to a yearly audit to maintain this compliance.


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