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CASE STUDY - Melbourne FL

Support Systems
Associates, Inc (SSAI)

Transparency. How a Scanning Service Delivered More than Expected.

Being able to see the progress of a project is not a given in the document scanning world. Nor is having a clearly defined cost upfront. That is why transparency in pricing as well as the project itself are uniquely Docufree hallmarks.

INDUSTRY. Government Supplier, Engineering Services

APPLICATION. Securely digitizing U.S. Air Force Technology Specifications

CLIENT SINCE. March, 2010

LOCATIONS. 20+ in nationwide, headquartered in Melbourne, FL

Scanning, Searchable PDFs, Secure Destruction, Box Pricing

Managing projects and providing services for clients can be stressful. Expectations are high and the requirements particular, especially when the client is the United States Air Force. Situations like these require more than delivering the expected.


It means starting with the right vendors and resources. It means understanding the available options and ensuring the project parameters are addressed. It means making the client comfortable about the pricing, the progress and being confident that the end result will meet or exceed their expectations.


Being able to see the progress of a project is not a given in the document scanning world. Nor is having a clearly defined cost upfront.


That is why transparency in pricing as well as the project itself are uniquely Docufree hallmarks.


“Docufree met all the requirements we laid out for the project. My client and I were then able to observe the document scanning progress online and preview the end result,“ states Rick Gingras of SSAI. “That was huge for us.”


No surprises in cost or finished product. Just high quality document scanning with search capabilities and the ability to stay abreast of the project along the way. This has proven valuable to SSAI and the U.S. Air Force.

Simplicity. And a Whole New Level of Document Scanning Professionalism.
Once Rick Gingras narrowed his options down to those companies able to offer digital imaging and provide searchable results, two more things made an impression on Rick – Docufree’s professionalism and the value of the pricing model.


“The Docufree presentation was clear and informative. Our contacts were able to simply explain how each step in the process would work and provide clear answers to our questions. We got quick responses and they didn’t oversell me. Docufree simply delivered exactly what they said they would and at the price they said they would.”


“In this instance, the straight-forward approach of box pricing made a great difference to me. It meant I didn’t have to sort through 78 boxes trying to figure out what and how much was in each. Docufree stepped up and offered a per-box rate that was competitive and easy to predict. And the outcome was a higher quality.”

About SSAI.

Support Systems Associates, Inc. (SSAI) is a privately owned company headquartered in Melbourne, Florida that specializes in engineering, logistic, and management services to both Government and industry. Founded in 1969, SSAI has grown steadily to become a leader in its field. 50% of SSAI employees are veterans of a military service.

What Docufree does for SSAI.
Rick’s U.S. Air Force client needed several boxes of documents scanned to PDF formats – and then destroyed in a safe and secure manner. They needed the digital images to be organized and searchable.


“We had catalogued the contents for our client, the Air Force. Then Docufree’s service automatically applied our indexes. The Air Force was then able to easily find the individual documents when they needed them. Docufree was able to identify exceptions in the process. Had the documents been merely scanned, those exceptions might have been misfiled and very hard to find later.”

“Online visibility was huge. Showing our client the progress of the project while seeing what the end result would look like really made a difference for us. ”


Richard Gingras

Program Manager

Docufree’s Box Pricing


For many companies, the disconcerting thing about estimating a document scanning project is the uncertainty in the pricing. Most companies provide a per-page quote with an estimate for the overall job. The final cost often comes in significantly higher than the estimate.
But counting each piece of paper and image yourself beforehand can negate the time savings you were hoping to achieve.

Docufree’s methodical approach provides the knowledge to anticipate volume. They use this experience to set a fixed box price and absorb the risk so you can make a solid decision about outsourcing your document scanning project.

Process Visibility.


Docufree’s online tracking process allows Rick and his client to view not only the status of the project as it is being completed but the actual format in which the scanned documents will appear. This allows Rick to stay abreast of the progress and head off any issues early. It allows Rick’s client to rest easy knowing the final product will be both what they requested and easy to use.


Box Pricing.

Having to sort through boxes before scanning defeats some of the benefit
of outsourcing the work to go paperless. Docufree offers a fixed box pricing that allows you to exactly pinpoint the price. This saves you time and the tedious task of handling documents someone else will handle anyway. More importantly, there are no surprises at the end of the project. You don’t have to worry the estimate was deliberately lowered just to get your business. Docufree provides a fixed per-box cost up front.


Document Scanning Services.

”Docufree scanned in excess of 200,000 pages for us. Scanned to PDF. Digitized. And made searchable.”


Certificates of Destruction.

After digitizing the Air Force documents into Searchable PDFs, Docufree then shredded and destroyed the original material at the request of the client.
“We require proof that the scanned documents are destroyed in a secure manner. Docufree does that and provides us with a Certificate of Destruction that can be maintained on file for future reference.”

Searchable PDFs.

SSAI’s Air Force client had remodeled the facility where these paper files were stored. Initially, the plan was only to store the documents but then the client determined that digitized files were needed. Discs of the information would need to be created and the files on the discs would need to be in a searchable format.
Docufree’s advanced methods produced that result seamlessly. Now the client can open the list of files, find a particular file, search for a specific piece of data and do all of that without having to move between applications. Everything is now in a searchable PDF format.

“Docufree did an exceptionally good job for us. So much so, we are looking forward to doing another project with them in the very near future. We will, and have, recommended them to other companies.”

The Benefits are Many

Predictable pricing.
Massive Volume.


Without counting individual pieces of paper.

In progress status.


Online access to the progress of your project.

Searchable files.


Scanned AND searchable. Not all document scanning services are the same.



Online view of what your final project will look like.

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