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5 Ways the Healthcare Industry Can Go Paperless and Why It’s Important

Healthcare Industry

Many in the healthcare industry have moved to electronic medical records (EMR) and think that their office is now paperless. However, this is a common misconception as most have not really gone “paperless.” EMR is certainly a big step, but there are likely still stacks of paper throughout the office for various reasons.

Why is going paperless important?

Holding on to paper in the office presents a lot of risks. Security becomes a major issue when papers are just lying around the office.

71% of employees have access to data they should not see, and most say their access to that data is frequent.

On top of security, you’re probably wasting a lot of time looking for a patient’s file or record. Rather than searching through filing cabinets, dark rooms full of papers, or even off-site storage, going paperless would provide you with one central location for all files. One central location for all files would mean a major increase in productivity. We’ve also see accuracy improve for those that have gone 100% paperless.

5 things you can make paperless

In order to be a 100% paperless medical practice, it’s time to convert some paper files into digital files.

Here are 5 things that you can convert to paperless:

  1. Patient Records
  2. HR files
  3. Compliance Records
  4. Medical Billing & EOB’s
  5. EKG’s and X-Rays

It’s important to note that you should take this one step at a time and start with one of the 5 files above. Rushing into everything at once can seem overwhelming and lead to an unsuccessful project.

While many of these files can come in different forms, digital systems should be able to read any type and be able to translate it. This also centralizes the way you are presented with information, making workflow easier for any healthcare provider.

Paperless is surprisingly much cheaper than buying paper, copiers, printers, etc. Your files will be safer and easier to find. The advantages outweigh the reasons why you wouldn’t want to go paperless.

Going paperless eliminates the risk of human error or disaster. It certainly takes some time to implement, but having a partner throughout this process makes things easier. We can directly import any files into your EMR system, and we protect the security and integrity of your files as we’re certified PCI and HIPAA compliant. We would be happy to help you identify where your biggest inefficiencies exist and then walk through the technologies that address your specific needs. It’s time to develop a game plan, and we’re here to help before you make any investments.

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