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Hinton Davis

Hinton Davis

Business Development Manager at Docufree | Specializing in Document Scanning and Capture, Workflow Automation and Enterprise Content Management

How to Get Started With Digital Mail For Your Business

The outsourcing of mailroom operations has been a growing trend for many years now and shows no signs of slowing down. As companies look for ways to cut costs, streamline processes, and refocus their resources on more strategic areas, they’ve begun turning to technology to transform their mailroom into a digital hub where paper is eliminated at the source.


But, how does it really work?

Digital mail is not just scanning; it is an optimization process where business mail from multiple delivery channels  is captured and digitized on entry — delivered electronically, processed, and tracked throughout its lifecycle —all in real time. As documents come in, they are automatically identified, categorized for access control and records retention, and instantly routed to the right person or department for processing. By automating and jump-starting the workflow process right from the mailroom, companies are engaging in a superior form of technology that makes incoming documents and correspondence immediately accessible, shareable, secure and compliant.


Docufree provides digital mailroom solutions for organizations of all sizes, whether your business receives 100 or 100,000 mail pieces a month. We can manage your mailroom department on-site in total or in concert with your staff, off-site at our business centers, or we can provide you with a P.O. box, email address and fax number that can be shared with employees, customers, vendors and partners. As documents come in, they are intercepted for conversion, categorized and made instantly available.


Still unsure about a digital mailroom? Contact us with your questions or visit our FAQ’s page for more information. Otherwise, get ready for the elimination of paper, physical mail handling, lengthy error-prone manual processes, and paper storage costs.

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