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Financial, Insurance & Real Estate

An industry full of paper.

Financial, Insurance and Real Estate processes are inherently paper intensive. Document storage is an inefficient use of your budget, and finding old paperwork is a time consuming hassle. Your industry is also riddled with security and regulatory compliance requirements. Docufree offers PCI certified solutions to digitize, securely encrypt, store, save, access and protect irreplaceable data. Our solutions make your life easier with secure integration to your ERP and line of business applications.

Examples of document types we work with:

  • Claims
  • Applications
  • Loan and mortgage files
  • Lockbox
  • Engineering drawings
  • Plats & site drawings

Docufree Solutions for Financial, Insurance, & Real Estate.


1-get rid of boxes

Get Rid of Your Boxes

Document Scanning. Our most basic service. Scan, store, & management your documents securely online.
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2-fire your file cabinet

Fire Your File Cabinet

The Document Cloud. Online Document Storage & Retrieval + Workflow Automation.
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industry-service icon 3-3

Stop Paper at the Source

The Digital Mailroom. Docufree’s most comprehensive service. We intercept your documents at the source. Transform all faxes, paper and emails into secure digital streams that save money and ensure compliance.
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