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Digital Mailroom

Stopping Paper at the Source

Transform your paper-based mailroom and push cart environment to a fully automated digital capture center.

Free your office from paper-bound processing that create costly bottlenecks and errors. In our office or yours, Docufree Digital Mailroom Solutions will eliminate paper, streamline processes and ensure regulatory compliance.

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The Key Benefits. Paperless Document Management Services


Accelerating the velocity of paper to actionable data improving the efficiency of your processes.

Reducing the office space required to receive, process, sort and deliver high volumes of paper. Eliminating the space required to store and retain paper records

Less staff required to open, sort and deliver mail and paper records. Faster processing at the departmental level, which reduces transaction costs.

Docufree’s secure digital mailroom platform provides HIPAA, PCI and SOCII compliant processing with 256-bit encryption and protection of your critical data.

The right document from the point of entry to the point of need. The right information to the right people with greater speed.
Greater accountability with complete tracking and audit trail for all documents.

Regulatory compliance.
Complete digital audit trail for every document. Defined rules based classification and routing of documents ensures all documents are handled in compliance with your regulatory environment.

How it makes your business stronger.

Mailroom Management
Many companies find that their mailroom is creating a bottleneck in their business. When a mailroom is run manually, you lose time, money, and resources. Introducing technology with a team of proven experts can recover these valuable resources.

Copy Center Management
Companies spend a tremendous amount of time and resources on their copy and print services. Instead of doing it yourself, we can staff your copy room with experts who know how to make your copy center run efficiently and drive down costs with the latest best-of-breed technologies and processes.

MFP Assistance
Many businesses can reduce their printing spend by 10-30% through Printer Fleet Management.

Document Conversion
Going paperless is a daunting task for many companies because of the resource commitment. Companies embrace the idea but the realization of the equipment cost, lack of dedicated staff, and time investment can make paperless feel insurmountable. We can take this burden off of you. Our team can help convert your documents into electronic images without consuming your resources.

Control & Compliance
We are accountable to you. We will establish service level agreements that meet and exceed your expectations.


The Docufree Path to Paperless Office.