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Document Cloud

Online Document Storage & Retrieval
+ Workflow Automation

Capture, store and manage documents and digital files securely online. Instantly route, manage and track documents that require action.

Your online file cabinet. Track vendors, employees and receivables in an orderly manner. Always know the status of everything. Add documents and files easily. Retrieve instantly. Share securely. Keep everything organized.

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The Key Benefits.


Route documents to people and groups for approval and initiate automated processing without human intervention for efficient document management.

Rules Based Solution.
Create document flows with conditions to follow one path or parallel steps. Create rules to trigger actions such as populating indexes or setting a status.

Configure the solution for your rules with flexible tools. Configure the workflow rules, customize statuses, provide instructional notes, and handle exceptions.

Timers & Notifications.
Set escalation timers for routing tasks to others when tasks stall. Automatically send email notifications alerting a person to take the next task step.

Turn Documents into Transactions.
Convert dead documents you hate into actionable transactions you love.

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How it makes your business stronger.

Secure Online Backup.
Get continuous access to business critical documents from anywhere, at anytime.

Reduce Errors.
Eliminate mistakes made by people with an infallible rules-based solution.

Find It Faster.
Locate documents quickly with robust search options.

Work On-the-Go.
Stay connected to your documents. Our solution is web-based. All you need is an internet connection and browser.

Control Your Costs.
Connect anywhere online without investing in costly hardware or software. Trim dollars spent on manual tasks by consuming less time and resources.

Do More with Less.
Reallocate staff to other projects because you are more efficient.

Collaborate Effortlessly.
View, edit, share and receive documents in a fraction of the time you would with paper.

Keep a Watchful Eye.
Know who is doing what with user and group access controls and audit trail.

Stop Doing Things Twice.
Free up wasted time spent searching for paper documents. Eliminate manual repetitive tasks. Quit sending tasks back and forth by getting it done in one shot.

Your Documents are Safe.
Protect your documents from server crashes, disaster threats, and unauthorized access attempts at all times.

download button 50download button 50Download the Workflow Services Overview.

Workflow Automation Features


Intuitive Interface.
Icons emulate a file room with cabinets, drawers and folders.

User Permissions.
Define access to folders and turn the right features on or off for each person.

Capture & Link Documents.
Scan or fax in new documents or capture from applications like Word. Link them so when you locate one, you have them all.

Audit Trail.
Know exactly what happened to each document with detailed audit trails. Ensure repeatable controlled processes coupled with an audacious audit log.

Find Problems
Compare values such as actual cost and target costs.

Collaboration and Notes
Provide notes so team members can collaborate on tasks.

Share Documents.
Send documents securely via a web link regardless of file’s native format or size.

Leave Comments.
Annotate documents with valuable notes, highlights and more to share information.

Robust Search.
Perform one word or complex searches, use OCR to search document contents.

View Quickly.
View any document instantly without having the application it was created in.

Receive notifications when tasks are completed by others.

Quality Controls.
Establish quality controls to review a percentage of your team’s work.

Share documents securely via email including non-users.

Upload Files.
Drag and drop, email, or browse your computer to upload files.

New Hire Control.
Create rules for new hires to review a higher percentage of their work.

Take Control.
Monitor, manage, and change in-flight tasks through administrative tools.

Require Information.
Ensure that vital information is entered when needed.

Automatically assign indexes via your rules.

Create special rules for escalating exceptions in your process.

Tie into existing systems to exchange information and eliminate duplicate work.

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Secure and Protected.

Receive the highest security with 256 bit encryption for storage and 128 bit SSL encryption for transmission. We are the only SaaS vendor to accept total accountability for the chain of custody from time a document enters the mail room until your staff or systems accesses it programmatically. We have over a decade of experience protecting and processing sensitive information.

Docufree Security Specifics

The Docufree Path to Paperless.