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Hinton Davis

Hinton Davis

Business Development Manager at Docufree | Specializing in Document Scanning and Capture, Workflow Automation and Enterprise Content Management

Top Document Management Trends You Can Expect to See More of in 2017

It’s hard to believe it’s already 2017. But when we look back at how far we’ve come in the document management world, we’re blown away. While we don’t know the exact scope of the future of the industry, we do know that there are many things we can expect to see a lot more of throughout the year.


Below are the 4 main trends you can expect to see grow more and more in this industry:


Cloud solutions. Cloud computing is here to stay. Document management software has been revolutionized by cloud technology because with it, documents are available at any time from anywhere. Users don’t need to be tied to a computer or a network; all they need is the internet. IT staff has more freedom to focus on other more strategic initiatives. Cloud-based services and solutions can be easily scaled up or down as demands change. Moving to the Cloud means scalability, efficiency, and reduced costs.


Digital integration. Our world is dominated by social media, email, the internet… anything that we can fit on our cellphones or tablets. The digital world makes it easier than ever to connect with friends and colleagues. In the business world, social media and the internet aren’t just personal tools — they’re professional, too. These tools provide seamless processes for organizing, sharing, and revising files.


Mobile developments. Smartphones and tablets make some of the most monotonous tasks simpler and more efficient for us. We can quickly check the status of a project just by opening an app or website on our phones, and it’s easier than ever to communicate with a colleague when something’s urgent. Document management software must also be flexible and efficient and, most importantly, user-friendly.


Security. Because dozens of documents are processed by businesses on a daily basis, ensuring security across a document management system has become a main priority for many organizations. We can only expect this will become more of a priority as we find more ways to secure your information.


What other trends do you expect to see within your own business? What trends do you hope to see emerge over the course of the next year? Learn more about our own document management systems here and join us as we prep for a big year in the DMS world!

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