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Docufree: Best Document Management Software – System

Document Management Software System For Document Storage & Retrieval + Workflow Automation

Document management software that allows you to digitally capture, store online and manage documents in the cloud in a completely secure environment. Instantly route important documents, manage and track activity that requires your team’s attention.

Your old file cabinet… yes the one sitting in the corner of your office… completely reimagined.  Easily track your employees, vendor accounts, and receivables in an organized fashion. Imagine always knowing the status of everything.

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The Key Benefits To Our Document Management Software.


Save money and time by automatically routing documents to the people and groups necessary for approvals. Skip the need for employee intervention by initiating automated processing for efficient document management.

Rules-Based Solution.
Create smart flow of your documents with condition based rules that follow one path or parallel steps. The rules you create can trigger many types of actions including populating indexes or setting a status.

Your solution should be easily configured to your needs. Us our flexible tools to configure workflow rules, provide instructional notes, customize statuses, and handle exceptions.

Timers & Notifications.
Set timers to escalate documents and route them to other employees when tasks stall. Easily send notifications to alert the right person to take the next task step.

Turn Documents into Transactions.
Imagine converting stale documents into transactions that work for you.

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Secure and Protected.

Receive the highest security with 256 bit encryption for storage and 128 bit SSL encryption for transmission. Can you imagine that we are the only SaaS vendor to accept total accountability for your documents? That is right, we take full responsibility for the chain of document custody from the time a document arrives to the mail room until your staff or systems accesses it. We have over a 10 years  of experience protecting and processing sensitive data.

Docufree Security Specifics

The Docufree Path to Paperless.