When you take the step to digitize your business, you may begin to wonder exactly how safe your documents are in the hands of technology. Our mission is to make sure that your data is safer with us than it would be in your own facility. Our corporate facilities control every aspect of physical and logical access, data integrity, and power management to ensure customers that they are in the best hands possible. In information security circles, this is known as Confidentiality, Integrity, and Availability—collectively referred to as the CIA triad.


Docufree takes a layered security approach:

Physical Access is strictly controlled through the use of three-factor authentication including biometric sensors that allow only authorized employees access into secure data center rooms. In addition, cameras, cell phones, and jackets are not allowed in the secure work areas and all employees are subject to criminal background check, credit check, and random drug testing.

Power Supplies, including electronic equipment, are continuously protected from power failures and other electrical anomalies. All power and telecommunications cabling is protected from interception or damage. And procedures are established in order to maintain IT Equipment and ensure uptime standards so data is available to customers.

Your confidential information is controlled and protected using network segmentation and advanced encryption in transit and at rest. We routinely conduct advanced capacity planning and preparation to ensure there will always be capacity and resources as customer demands grow.

We’re here to digitally transform your documents in order to save you money and ensure compliance. Our customers can trust that their documents have never been safer. To learn more about our process and security measures, we would love to hear from you! Contact us today or download our security checklist here.